NUWA Technologies is a music-tech innovative Start-Up. The company is incubated at the Pordenone Technological Center and also has an agreement for business incubation with Innovation Factory, the certified incubator of the Area Science Park of Trieste. NUWA develops innovative solutions and web/cloud services, software and apps designed for Music Industry.


The company name derives from Nüwa, a goddess in ancient Chinese mythology best known for creating mankind and Music.

The name of the project, “Lindale”, is a word that derives from “Quenya”, an old version of the elven language created by J.R.R. Tolkien, which means “The Great Music”, the symphony that, according to the myth told in “The Silmarillion”, has created the Universe.

Accelerators & Events

In 2021 we won the IMMEDIATE European acceleration program of Intesa Sanpaolo Bank, H-FARM and Rolling Stone, placing us among the main startup in the field of music-tech in Europe.

In 2019 was also selected for the international accelerator program “Music Innovation Hub”.

In 2018 and 2019 it was selected as exhibitor at Web Summit in Lisbon, the best technology conference on the planet.

In January 2018 NUWA was selected to be a part of the first Italian delegation to CES 2018 (International Consumer Electronics Show) in Las Vegas.


Our vision is to become the reference point for anyone who lives on music, from the musician to the professional up to the simple user.



Our mission is to connect artists and professionals in the Music Business providing them with all the necessary tools to manage their own activities online, to create a single virtual place in order to satisfy all their needs, saving resources and increasing career opportunities.



We are pioneers. We are original and creative in our own way of thinking. For us “innovation” is a defined mindset: we aim to empower ourselves and what stand around us, by looking ahead, anticipating challenges, growing creativity with a focus on innovations.
Our “Innovability” is measured against the “7 P”.


Music was not invented, it has always been a part of humanity, it evolved with us, we are connected by it. When we make music together, we don’t care about ethnicity, wealth, or poverty, we speak directly at each other’s hearts. For this reason, at the center of our company lays the person.


We believe that the digital revolution is a mainstay of sustainable development. The use of digitalization systems such as that used by our organization can spread of clean energy, the realization of less polluting production processes based on circular economy models and on lower and more efficient consumption of resources.


We are our customers, and our customers have an artistic education, especially within music. But it is an education that is not always accessible to everyone, especially in underdeveloped countries where such education could represent the difference between poverty and dignity. Our company is committed to promoting this education, reinvesting in those who make our existence possible.


Our company strongly believes in the close interconnection between peoples and people, because Music knows no political or geographical boundaries, makes no distinction of gender, age, ethnicity, religion, political and trade union membership, orientation and sexual identity, language or different abilities. Our solutions aim to create a music market that doesn’t depend on the financial resources of the individual but that is open to all equally.


We believe that Music is a work – in the noblest sense of the term – that does not end in the few minutes of a song or in the notes of a live performance, because creative work requires years of studies and sacrifices. The prevailing vision, however, reveals a sad idea of the job: in order to deserve this name, it must be brutalizing, mortifying, a necessary evil for survival and artistic expressions are relegated to a purely recreational role. Instead, we propose to return the dignity proper to the Work also to artistic careers, with particular attention to the musical ones. Our projects, in fact, aim to enhance the professionalism that all too often is devalued in creative work.


We believe in education as an expression of culture and art, as a universal heritage, and we want to contribute to better and easier access to it.


Music is a fight between sounds but peace between people.

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