With the Lindale suite YOU CAN:

  • collaborate with our cloud platform “TILE”
  • research and collaborate with the best artists and professionals of the Music Industry
  • become a part of an exclusive music professional community
  • sell your songs and beats in our marketplace
  • protect the authorship of your creations

Do you want to be one of our heroes?


TILE is a cloud-based collaboration platform for distributed musicians’ teams. It aims to improve teamwork by managing music projects in the cloud and their different versions and keeping track of changes.

With our software, a team can work on the same project in real-time optimizing backup, sync and transfer times: thanks to TILE, in fact, you SAVE up to 70% of the time compared to existing technologies.


Save your Time

Up to 70% compared to existing technologies.

Simplify your Production

Work with your team on the same project in real-time optimizing transfer times thanks to our cloud versioning with incremental backup. Music production has never been easier and faster!

Ignite your Talent

Experience whatever’s on your mind and switch from one version of the project to another in real-time without losing data.

Never miss a thing

All your projects are always synchronized and protected in our super safe cloud. Nothing is more important than protecting your data, content and assets.

Be Master of your Music

Marketplace that will allow you to upload and sell your songs and beats/sounds, recognizing the full ownership of the material to the artists.

Upgrade your Sound

A.I. able to measure the positive impact of your song on public and providing you with useful advice like a real producer would.

Protect your creativity

Legal proof of participating in a project thanks to Blockchain report.

Stay focused

An intuitive UX that feels effortless to use so you can concentrate on your work.


Patented Technology

TILE has a patented incremental backup method, which allows you to synchronize files faster because it only saves only the differences and not the whole project, saving time and bandwidth.

In addition, thanks to interchange format (patent pending) it will possible, for the first time, the conversion of the project and its recognition by the other DAW Software.

The first true cross-software compatibility in the world.


At the end of the project, our Blockchain-powered tool will certify the degree of contribution of each user. It cannot be modified and is a valid document to be able to assert one’s rights when registering them or in disputes.

Generally, the music rights are attributed after the production phase.
With TILE, instead, we recognize the authorship of the contribution already in the creation and registration phase. It is full of lawsuits due precisely to the lack of recognition of participation in the composition of a piece. We eliminate this possibility at its root.

A.I rating

With a machine learning model, we’ll be able to analyze the project as it is developing, giving a percentage assessment of the future positive impact on the audience and also giving useful advice just as an experienced producer would do.

For Investors

Now is the time to get involved in this emerging technology and become a part of creating the future.
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